Sacred Home Book Club
with Katie Noble and Kendall Phillips
Kendall here - 

When I became a mom, it was a huge shift in my day-to-day which ultimately was a huge shift in my identity. Each day had incredibly hard moments. Each day had incredibly mundane moments. The same hard thing, over and over again. 

I quickly realized there was no "light at the end of the tunnel." This tunnel was my new home, and I was determined to find God in it. He was there the whole time, but my perspective made it hard to connect with Him. When my perspective shifted, my motherhood journey changed. Sure, there are are still hard and mundane moments to this journey, but those are the places I connect most with the Lord. 

My hope and prayer for you throughout this book study is for God to completely transform your perspective on your motherhood journey. We always have growing to do, and I believe this book and our conversations are going to stretch you into the mom you long to be, and I am honored to be a small part of it.

Hey, pals.  It's Katie.

I became a mother before I was "ready" (I mean, didn't we all?). When our first baby, a son, was born, I fell headlong into a season of intense sadness, confusion, and anger over what my life had become.  It seemed to me that my life was over.  And in some ways, it was.  But in others, it was just beginning. In the 6 years since God made me a mother in spite of myself, I've come to see that motherhood, though immensely difficult, is precisely the location for my most holy, God-ward growth.  It's been within the confines of motherhood that I've become free.  Rohlheiser's book has been an immense gift to me in this process, and I pray it will be the same for you.

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The Details:
When: Tuesdays in June 2023 / 7:00pm CST
Where: Virtual gatherings via Zoom (recording of the Zoom will be emailed out every week)

Cost: $25 and a willingness to examine the reality of your God-given life